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The Anvil and Just In Case is now open. We look forward to welcoming you back


Welcome To...

The Anvil: Just In Case

Welcome to The Anvil and Just In Case; two wonderful shops under one roof! The shop is set in a wonderful, medieval building which I renovated myself bit by bit. Inside it has a charming rustic atmosphere with a hint of France!


For a daytime tearoom, the menu is superb – only improved by the fact that virtually all the dishes are gluten free. For those with coeliac disease and other wheat aversions, The Anvil is a welcome break from the massive restrictions of ordinary eating out. As one of the very few gluten free eateries in Hampshire, it is worth the visit alone just to try my World Famous Bread and Butter Pudding.


Meanwhile Just In Case is so much more than a wine shop; featuring a great range of malt whiskies, hard to find vodka's and gorgeous wines along with friendly, personal and knowledgeable service and maybe a few tasters!

About Us.

Tucked away on Symes Corner, this character building looks like it has been part of Bishops Waltham life for centuries. Believe it or not, it was just twenty years ago that Fred Woodfine constructed it from scratch.


The Anvil was built by Fred after he purchased it some years ago. Restoration to 2 to 3 years and was finally finished in 1997. Fred acquired the plot off two brothers and named the area "Symes Corner" after them. A residential building which originally stood on the site was hastily pulled down like many others to widen the road from the car park to be built during the expanding of Bishops Waltham in the 1960s - 70s. Many of the materials used to build The Anvil were salvaged from the historical demolishment.


Upon receiving the plot Fred was also given by the Symes brothers a large anvil that can still be seen in the courtyard today.


During the excavation of the two large cellars underneath the building Fred discovered a medieval wall set into the ground which still exists 'just in case' the health and safety officers make an appearance.

About Bishops Waltham

Bishop's Waltham is a small town in Hampshire, England situated in the Hamble Valley at the head of the River Hamble. It is home to the ruins of Bishop's Waltham Palace, an English Heritage monument.


It started out as a Saxon settlement and grew to be one of Hampshire's largest villages. In 904 it was given by the King to the Bishop of Winchester then in 1136 Henry De Blois built the now ruined Bishops Waltham Palace.


The palace was then destroyed by orders of Oliver Cromwell during the English civil war.


Things are a little quieter in Bishops Waltham now though with a thriving market town and many interesting shops it is well worth a visit!

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